ALAN Volume 35, Number 3 - Table of Contents

Volume 35, Number 3
Summer 2008

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From the Editors
Lori Atkins Goodson and James Blasingame PDF [140 KB] HTML [6 KB]

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ALAN State Representatives PDF [56 KB] HTML [5 KB]
“Where the Girls Are”: Resource and Research
Professional Resource Connection
Elaine J. O'Quinn PDF [132 KB] HTML [36 KB]
Of Poetry and Post-it Notes: Ringside with Jen Bryant
An Interview
Jean E. Brown PDF [212 KB] HTML [40 KB]
Louis Sachar’s Holes : Palimpsestic Use of the Fairy Tale to Privilege the Reader
Laura Nicosia PDF [132 KB] HTML [28 KB]
Dixie Chicks, Scrotums, Toni Morrison, and Gay Penguins: Homosexuality and Other Classroom Taboos
Ruth Caillouet PDF [116 KB] HTML [27 KB]
The Tiny Key: Unlocking the Father/Child Relationship in Young Adult Fiction
Zu Vincent PDF [140 KB] HTML [45 KB]

Clip and File PDF [128 KB] HTML [50 KB]
Stories of Teen Mothers: Fiction and Nonfiction
Cynthia Miller Coffel PDF [188 KB] HTML [47 KB]
Creating a Space for YAL with LGBT Content in Our Personal Reading: Creating a Place for LGBT Students in Our Classrooms
Katherine Mason PDF [128 KB] HTML [34 KB]
Minding the Cover Story: Boys, Workshop, and Real Reading
Sally Lamping and Brett Beach PDF [120 KB] HTML [32 KB]
Teaching Memoir in the English Class: Taking Students to Jesus Land
Lisa Scherff, Isabel Arteta-Durini, Chad McGartlin, Kristin Stults, Elizabeth M. Welsh, and Charles White PDF [196 KB] HTML [50 KB]
The Sounds of Stories
The Publisher's Connection
M. Jerry Weiss PDF [128 KB] HTML [12 KB]