ALAN v40n1 - Table of Contents

Volume 40, Number 1
Fall 2012

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From the Editors
Steven Bickmore, Jacqueline Bach, and Melanie Hundley PDF [401 KB] HTML [13.3 KB]

Call for Manuscripts PDF [315 KB] HTML [6 KB]
A Case for Cultivating Controversy:
Teaching Challenged Books in K-12 Classrooms
Susan Fanetti PDF [685 KB] HTML [63 KB]
Resistance, Gender, and Postcolonial Identities in Somebody's Daughter and Meaning of Consuelo
Ann Marie Smith, Keith H. Johnson PDF [641 KB] HTML [48 KB]
Issues of Personal and National Identity in Adichie's Purple Hibiscus
Audrey Peters PDF [704 KB] HTML [45 KB]
Looking into and beyond Time and Place:
The Timeless Potential of YA Lit in a Time of Limited Opportunity
Wendy J. Glenn, Marshall A. George PDF [782 KB] HTML [29 KB]
Melinda and Merryweather High:
Parallel Identity Narratives in Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak
Robyn L. Schiffman PDF [605 KB] HTML [67 KB]
Images and Limited Text in Narrative Writing
Using David Small's Nonfiction Graphic Novel Stitches to Teach Memoir
Ashley DeGracia PDF [730 KB] HTML [54 KB]
Invitational History in Margarita Engle's The Poet Slave of Cuba: A Biography of Juan Francisco Marzano
Zaira R. Arvelo Alicea PDF [583 KB] HTML [49 KB]

Clip and File
Melanie Hundley PDF [539 KB] HTML [49 KB]
From a Whisper to a Shout:
Emergent Voice in Latino/Latina Literature
Daniel Rubin PDF [574 KB] HTML [30 KB]
Drawing on My Past to Write:
The Author's Connection
Cheryl Rainfield PDF [430 KB] HTML [46 KB]
One More Time?
The Publisher's Connection
M. Jerry Weiss PDF [455 KB] HTML [31 KB]
YA Lit as Springboard for Social Relevance and Classroom Research:
The Research Connection
Jeffrey Kaplan PDF [494 KB] HTML [23 KB]

Stories from the Field PDF [451 KB] HTML [31 KB]