ICC 2006: 20th International Colloquium on Communication - Applied Communication in Organizational and International Contexts - Table of Contents

20th ICC 2006

Applied Communication in Organizational and International Contexts

Edited by Elizabeth Fine ( bfine@vt.edu ) and Bernd Schwandt ( schwandt@wirt.fh-erfurt.de )

This volume contains papers presented at the Twentieth International Colloquium on Communication, which took place in July 2006 in Erfurt, Germany.

It is also available for purchase from the Roehrig Universitätsverlag GmbH.

Complete Issue PDF [7.4 MB]

Front Matter PDF [496 KB]


Introduction PDF [331 KB]

Pictorial, Photographic, and Spatial Communication

René Magritte: Thought Pictures of Rhetorical Communication
Hellmut K. Geissner PDF [988 KB]

Group Photography as a Means of Communicating With Groups
Bernd Schwandt PDF [700 KB]

The Conversational Space
Werner Nothdurft PDF [396 KB]

Intercultural Communication

Gender and Courtesy. Traditional Communication under Inquiry
Edith Slembek PDF [564KB]

Applied Communication Analysis in Diversity Training: A Case Study
Eric E. Peterson PDF [428 KB]

The Role of Communication in Enlarging the Scope of Action in the Refugee Policy of St. Gallen, Switzerland, 1938-39
Wulff Bickenbach PDF [556 KB]

Permeable Boundaries: Project Opportunity as a Bona Fide Group
Laura Lindenfeld PDF [544 KB]

Negotiating Somali Identity in Maine
Kristin M. Langellier PDF [436 KB]

Argumentation: Sacred and Secular Communication

Communicating Reformation - Reforming Communication
Susanne Heine PDF [604 KB]

On the Becoming and Failing of Argument Themes
Kati Hannken-Illjes PDF [440 KB]

Organizational Communication

The Role of Linguistics and Philosophy in the Application of Communication Theories in Organizational Contexts
Hartwig Eckert PDF [500 KB]

Applied Communication in Customer Support
Timothy Hegstrom, Richard Fox, Robert Barlow PDF [620 KB]

Health and Communication

Providing Medical and Healthcare Information to Disenfranchised Populations: An NOO's Efforts to Unite Medical Providers
Gary W. Selnow PDF [516 KB]

Contributions of Autobiographical Performances by Breast Cancer Survivors to Narrative Medicine
Elizabeth Fine PDF [704 KB]

Back Matter PDF [212 KB]