JITE v42n4 - Table of Contents

Volume 42, Number 4
Winter 2005

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From the Editor

Behind the Scenes
by Janet Zaleski Burns


The Effect of Online Delivery on Graduate Enrollment
by James C. Flowers

The Critical Entrepreneurial Competencies Required by Instructors from Institution-Based Enterprises: A Jamaican Study
by Raymond Dixon, Ronald L. Meier, Danny C. Brown, and Rodney L. Custer

Teachers' Perceptions of Modular Technology Education Laboratories
by Kara S. Harris

At Issue

Incorporating Experimental Technologies in the Middle Level Technology Education Classroom
by C. J. Shields and George E. Rogers

Under Review

Globalizing Education for Work: Comparative Perspectives on Gender and the New Economy
Reviewed by Jessie M. Hayden


Twenty-Seventh Annual Outstanding Manuscript Award Recipients
By Richard A Walter

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