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Volume XXXIV, Number 1, Spring 2008

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The Impact of Teaching Oxy-Fuel Welding on Gas Metal Arc Welding Skills
Sergio D. Sgro, Dennis W. Field and Steven A. Freeman PDF [517 KB] HTML [44 KB]
Design and Implementation of an Interdepartmental Biotechnology Program Across Engineering Technology Curricula
Kari Clase PDF [432KB] HTML [38 KB]
STEM-Based Computational Modeling for Technology Education
Aaron C. Clark and Jeremy V. Ernst PDF [398 KB] HTML [39 KB]
Utilizing Job Camera Technology in Construction Education
Richard D. Bruce, David W. McCandless, Chuck W. Berryman, and Shawn D. Strong PDF [675 KB] HTML [51 KB]
Perceptions of Students’ Learning Critical Thinking through Debate in a Technology Classroom: A Case Study
Sophia Scott PDF [335 KB] HTML [27 KB]
From Jefferson to Metallica to your Campus: Copyright Issues in Student Peer-to- Peer File Sharing
Lisa McHugh Cesarini and Paul Cesarini PDF [433 KB] HTML [51 KB]
Digital Modeling in Design Foundation Coursework: An Exploratory Study of the Effectiveness of Conceptual Design Software
Stan Guidera and D. Scot MacPherson PDF [646 KB] HTML [55 KB]

The 2007 Paul T. Hiser Award PDF [89 KB] HTML [3 KB]

Guidelines for the Journal of Technology Studies PDF [183 KB] HTML [9 KB]

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