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Volume XXXIX, Number 2, Fall 2013

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Perceptions of New Doctoral Graduates on the Future of the Profession
John Ritz and Gene Martin PDF [470 KB] HTML [64 KB]
Feasibility Assessment of Using the KIP System to Achieve an Energy-Saving Potential for an Electronic Marquee
By Wen-Fu Pan, Shih-Chun Tu, Mei-Ying Chien, and Ya-Moo Zhang PDF [1.6 MB] HTML [45 KB]
The Cognitive Processes and Strategies of an Expert and Novice in the Design of a Wireless Radio Frequency Network
Matthew Lammi and Timothy Thornton PDF [433 KB] HTML [37 KB]
The Role of Innovation Education in Student Learning, Economic Development, and University Engagement
Christy Bozic and Duane Dunlap PDF [402 KB] HTML [37 KB]
It’s a “Clicker,” not a Magic Wand: The Effect of a Classroom Response System on Attendance
Raoul Amstelveen PDF [497 KB] HTML [53 KB]

The 2012 Paul T. Hiser Exemplary Publication Award Co-Recipients PDF [301 KB] HTML [5 KB]

Guidelines for the Journal of Technology Studies PDF [241 KB] HTML [11 KB]

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