JTE v19n2 - Table of Contents

Volume 19, Number 2
Spring 2008

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From the Editor

Branding the Horse We Are Going to Ride into the Green Pastures Ahead [PDF 144K]
by James E. LaPorte


Analogical Reasoning in the Engineering Design Process and Technology Education Applications [PDF 208K]
by Jenny Daugherty and Nathan Mentzer

Engagement and Achievements: A Case Study of Design-Based Learning in a Science Context [PDF 304K]
by Yaron Doppelt, Matthew M. Mehalik, Christian D. Schunn, Eli Silk, and Denis Krysinski

A Comparison of Traditional and Hybrid Online Instructional Presentation in Communication Technology [PDF 190 K]
by Jeremy V. Ernst

Cognitive Processes of Students Participating in Engineering-focused Design Instruction [PDF 310K]
by Todd R. Kelley

Moving Beyond Cultural Barriers: Successful Strategies of Female Technology Education Teachers [PDF 227K]
by Raymond R. McCarthy and Joseph Berger

Gender Preferences in Technology Student Association Competitions [PDF 211K]
by Charles R. Mitts


Are We Compromising Safety in the Preparation of Technology Education Teachers? [PDF 145K]
by W. J. Haynie, III

Miscellany [PDF 133K]

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