Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education

Number 2
Volume 40

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Original Papers

The Effect of Different Teaching Materials on Students' Affective Domain When Learning Computer Programming in Fundamentals of Information Science and Technology Classes
Takeshi HONGO, Hiroyuki MATUZAKI

Gentarou Tanahashi and Craft Education: Tanahashi's Contribution to Craft Education
Yoshihiko KOIDE, Fumihiko ISHIDA

Morphology of Brittle Fractures in Cemented Carbide Tools as Determined through Simulation Tests of Intermittent Cutting
Takao YAKOU, Fumiko SUMIDA

The Production of a Kerosene Burning Crucible Furnace and a Lesson in Casting Aluminum
Toshikazu YAMAMOTO, Ryoya MAKINO

Development of a Multi Port I/O Interface Using a Printer-Port and a RS-232C
Masato MORI, Yutaka SHIDA, Nobuyasu SATO

Development of a Scale that Measures Students' Emotional Awareness When Making Products in a Middle School Technology Education Class
Tetsumi UNO, Masashi MATSUURA, Shigeki ANDOU