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Volume XXXVII, Number 2, Fall 2011

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Printing Processes Used to Manufacture Photovoltaic Solar Cells
Tina E. Rardin and Renmei Xu PDF [217 KB] HTML [35 KB]
Sustainable Design: An Educational Imperative
David Klein and Ken Phillips PDF [748 KB] HTML [46 KB]
Toward a Zero Energy Home: Applying Swiss Building Practices/Attitudes to U.S. Residential Construction
Daphene C. Koch, William J. Hutzel, Jason M. Kutch, and Eric A. Holt PDF [945 KB] HTML [38 KB]
Design, Operation, and Analysis of a Floating Water Fountain System Using Renewable Energy Technology
Hans Chapman, Eduardo Gomez, Nilesh Joshi, and Sanjeev Adhikari PDF [1.0 MB] HTML [36 KB]
Innovative Rotary Displacer Stirling Engine: Sustainable Power Generation for Private and Fleet Vehicle Applications
Phillip R. Foster PDF [3.1 MB] HTML [68 KB]
Impact of Climate and Geographic Location on Moisture Transport in Wood Construction Walls and Implications for Selecting Vapor Retarders
Kennard G. Larson PDF [716 KB] HTML [40 KB]
Leveraging Green Computing for Increased Viability and Sustainability
Dominick Fazarro and Rochell McWhorter PDF [639 KB] HTML [41 KB]

The 2010 Paul T. Hiser Exemplary Publication Award: P. John Williams PDF [84 KB] HTML [5 KB]

Guidelines for the Journal of Technology Studies PDF [165 KB] HTML [11 KB]

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